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Ongoing Projects

These are some of my ongoing projects. Please contact me to learn more and get involved.

Citizens First

Chair & Founder

Citizens First, Inc. is a 501c4 dedicated to educating voters and empowering citizens with the tools needed to run for local office. Visit us at

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Republican National Hispanic Assembly

National Secretary

The RNHA is an American political organization founded in 1967 that seeks to promote Hispanic-American issues and interests within the Republican Party and the Party’s interests and candidates within the Hispanic-American population. The group is partially an outgrowth of the Spanish Speaking Advisory Committee of the Republican National Committee, which itself was created as a response to successful efforts to attract Hispanic-American voters to the presidential candidacy of Richard Nixon. 

Miami Dade County
Election Integrity

Grassroots Development

The Mimi Dade County Election Integrity Brigade is a non-partisan citizen group dedicated to ensuring fair elections in Miami Dade County Florida. MDEIB is a part of Florida Free Elections and the Election Integrity Network.


Early Intervention Mental Health Initiative

Program Manager

Early intervention in mental health, is an initiative designed to identify mental health red flags in students and adults using measurement-based assessments. This allows parents and school counselors to refer children for additional diagnosis and treatment before more severe mental health symptoms develop.


Alicia Labrit Casanova Scholarships

Program Manager

Over 30 years ago, Alicia Casanova was a Presidential Appointee under George H. Bush Sr. to the Department of Transportation, my Mother started a merit-based internship program in conjunction with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. Since then this program has grown exponentially. Our goal is to create a scholarship for those interns that have passion and embrace the American dream.

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